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Services to Fit Your Needs

We are happy to work with you based on your specific needs, whether that is filling the entire home with furniture, or adding just the touches needed to complete the picture. This might be for a sale or decorating your own personalized living space.

Stage It! Omaha works with all home sizes and we work with our customers for our customers! We are conscientious about your budget needs and do our best to help you get the most from your sale. We have packages to choose from or we can customize our services to fit your needs. 


Home Staging Consultations: 

The consultation begins with a complete review of your property from curb appeal to all levels and rooms. We will then spend time going over your home with you and discussing exactly what you should do in a verbal consultation. 

From there you can choose to complete the recommendations yourself or hire our team to help with the design decisions.

Occupied Staging:  

For our occupied services, we will visit your property and provide expert advice on what you should do to make sure you create the best possible vision for potential new home buyers. As a part of this service, we offer hands-on staging to come help you rearrange your furnishings to highlight your property, focusing on it's most important features.

Vacant Staging: 

We have a full inventory of the latest home furnishings to design vacant spaces to create the appeal you are looking for. When a vacant property is staged just right you will attract the most potential buyers with the perfect online photos.

Interior Home Decorating:  

Whether your space needs some extra touches or a complete redesign we can help you create the perfect look. By assessing your style and helping guide you with an expert eye, Julie and her team will help you make the right selections. This may include everything from helping with paint selection to space planning and buying furniture and accessories.


Contact us to schedule your consultation today! We'll get back to you in 1-2 business days.